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Notice: Saferoot is sunsetting on February 23rd, 2024. The service will no longer work after that date.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Supported Chains
Saferoot currently supports only Ethereum Mainnet. We are working on adding support for other chains.
Saferoot enables you to set safeguards for your assets. Safeguards are conditions set up to protect your assets. When a safeguard is activated, your assets will be transferred to a backup wallet address of your choice.
Prepare a backup wallet address, which could be any wallet other than the one you're currently using. Ensure you have sufficient ETH in your primary wallet to cover gas fees.
You'll need to grant Saferoot permission to transfer your assets to your backup wallet address if a safeguard is triggered. This is executed through your personal Saferoot contract, ensuring you maintain full control and custody at all times. Set the highest approval limit (max) to ensure all your assets are protected.